2015-07-02 19:39:49 by RokaiYotama

So turns out life came knocking on my door lol. The Equinox album is on an indefinite set back and currently taking a break from recording any new metal music. BUT! That doens't mean I haven't stopped playing. I'm mostly waiting on getting better equipment and to just get better overall.

Also, I have been diving much, much deeper into making a lot of house/deep house/liquid/dnb/ambient kind of music so you'll be seeing a lot of that as of late because it's much easier to make. Plus, I don't want to leave you guys hanging without any new music. So I'm in the process of making a new album full of different edm styles. Coming soon ;D


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2015-07-05 03:26:33

Lmao that's okay, it happens to all of us. What equipment are you working with right now?
But oh man oh man are you sure you're not describing me lol. I play in a handful of punk bands, but I am a HUGE sucker for EDM/ambient stuff, I think every since I played Kingdom Hearts I loved it lol. Tight though, looking forward to it :)

RokaiYotama responds:

Right now I'm using Music Maker Jam to on my ipad to make the recent edm stuff I've been making. But I might do some finally editing in the DAW I use to make some final edits. And I plan on getting new equipment and software along with my new computer to record some new music in the future. And the funny thing is, the audio interface I DO have just broke like not even 10 minutes of me making this comment XD lol.


2015-07-05 16:55:11

Lmao that sucks. I mean if you're investing in a very nice interface, check out Taskcam but the only thing is that some of those won't work with Windows 8 (which I have and UGH) since you have Mac, but those are very nice interfaces and will last you awhile. I mean I have 16 channel one but you could probably get a simple 2 channel one or something lol

RokaiYotama responds:

I actually I don't like Macs lol I have a computer running 7. But I don't need anything expensive, I already know what I'm going to get. The Scarlet 2i2 is enough for me.